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If your business involves any form of selling food, then you know just how important an ice machine is in Texas. Ice is essential in preserving foods and keeping them fresh and Texas businesses need them to fulfill this job.
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    What We Service

    Your commercial ice machine must produce clean, fresh, sanitize – at all times, whether you’re a small-sized country pub or a large leisure organization. Here at Empire Commercial Services, we provide top-notch ice machine repair and maintenance service to make sure your commercial ice machine carries on to offer top quality ice at all times. Being the leading service provider for ice machine repair throughout the State of Texas, we understand the value of keeping your ice machine operating without any breakdown. We also understand the importance of serving your guests clean, safe and healthy ice! This is why we are available 24/7 to fix any ice machine breakdown issue. Whether your ice maker has stopped working completely or it is just not working as it happens to – you can count on our factory-trained technician.

    Ice Machine Repair In Texas For Any Make Or Model:

    We can repair any type of commercial ice machine including full-cube ice machine, half-cube ice machine, nugget ice machine, flake ice machine, and specialty ice machine. When choosing an ice machine repair service, you need to feel a sense of trust. Our knowledgeable and highly qualified technicians have worked on repair jobs covering different ice machine models, brands, and ages. Our service van is fully equipped with ice machine spares and parts giving us the luxury to offer the quickest possible turnaround repairs of all leading brands.

    Ice makes have so many mechanical components & because they’re in frequent contact with water they’re subject to several problems. Here are a few common ice maker issues we can help you fix:

    • Limescale build-up
    • Pause feature enabled
    • Waterline malfunctioning or setting
    • Clogged/dirty water
    • Defective water inlet valve
    • Thermostat set too low or high
    • And any other issue you may come across

    We are friendly, reliable and available for emergency call-outs. To schedule professional Ice Machine Repair in Texas, feel free to call us at (210) 845-5516

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