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    Medical Refrigeration & Kitchen Equipment

    All major cities in Texas have many hospitals, labs, and doctor’s offices. Each of these important facilities contain precious materials that must be stored at specific temperatures in medical refrigerators. They must safely store vaccines, blood samples, injections, and medications without needing to constantly worry about them. Empire Commercial Services is specialized in customizing unique units for all medical refrigeration. Empire spares no expense and ensures all medical refrigeration units are installed with the best equipment available making them a necessity in quality and reliability.

    Healthcare Food Service Equipment

    Safety is critical in all kitchen environments but especially so in the healthcare industry. Whether it is a surgical instrument, an aid or a piece of kitchen equipment, keeping everything and everybody clean and safe is paramount.

    Understanding the unique needs and requirements of your staff, the residents, patients and visitors of your facility is vital to ensuring a successful and safe food service operation. Whether it’s to make certain that your Walk-In-Freezer maintains chocolate ice cream at proper temperature or to inspect the casters on your mobile food carts for proper swivel function, we understand and welcome the challenges of maintaining your kitchen equipment within the healthcare space.

    With our preventive maintenance programs, we can help keep your kitchen up and running while conserving energy.

    Some of the medical refrigeration facilities we serve are:
    • Laboratories
    • Animal Research
    • Morgue
    • Biomedical Facilities
    • Veterinaries
    • Research Facilities
    • Clinics and Pharmaceutical Facilities
    • Hospitals
    • Scientific Research Facilities

    Although these units are expected to run for a long period of time, eventually all refrigeration systems will require maintenance. For all your maintenance needs, Empire offers service agreements that can even be customized for specific needs. Any issues with old gaskets and coolant levels can be fixed, deep cleaning for hard to reach areas of the unit, as well as many other problems that arise can be taken care of by Empire’s team of trained technicians. With their constant maintenance checks, the risk of losing any sensitive materials greatly decreases. Along with precious medical items being kept safe, unnecessary costs for fixing any damages are avoided and electrical bills stay down.

    Companies requiring medical refrigeration in Texas know it’s vital that their refrigeration units be installed properly and maintained by a reliable company. Empire has taken the time to carefully provide the best service possible so medical professionals know their systems will be running strong without any problems. If in any case an unforeseen issue does arise, however, Empire has professionals ready to assist you Monday through Friday between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM. Empire also understands that emergencies happen and immediate assistance may be needed even during off hours. If this occurs, emergency services are available all days of the week, every hour of the day.

    When the time comes for your medical business to find the right medical refrigeration company to solve any of your needs, contact Empire at (210) 845-5516 for any questions.

    Hospital kitchen equipment repair services

    • Coffee Brewer repair
    • Tea Brewer repair
    • Cappuccino machine repair
    • Iced coffee machine
    • Frozen Beverage machine repair
    • Fountain machine repair
    • Ice Maker repair
    • Water Filtration repair
    • Hotdog Roller Grill repair
    • Microwave repair
    • High-speed Convection Oven repair
    • Oven repair
    • Grill repair
    • Fryer repair
    • Walk In Cooler repair
    • Walk In Freezer repair
    • Refrigerator repair
    • Freezer repair
    • Display Case repair
    • And More

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