Commercial Walk-in Freezer Repair & Installation

If you have a restaurant or a business that requires keeping your inventory frozen then your walk–in freezer is a big part of your success. You need it to work consistently and efficiently.
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    Texas Commercial Walk-in Freezer Repair

    For the best in Walk-In Freezer services call the professionals at Empire Commercial Services. We understand the important role your walk-in freezer plays in the running of your business. In addition to monetary losses due to spoilage, walk-in freezer problems can mean disruption of food services or even cause your establishment to have to shut down for a period of time. That’s why we offer 24 hours a day, seven days a week emergency service repairs. Our technicians understand the heavy demands placed on commercial refrigeration equipment and know how to quickly and efficiently solve problems so that our customers can get back to doing what they do best—serving their customers. We are so confident in our technicians that we offer a warranty on all work performed—it also covers receiving, delivery, installation and removal of equipment as well as training and instruction on operation of new equipment—installations can be scheduled during a time that is convenient for you.

    What We Offer
    • 24/7 Emergency Service
    • 30-Day Warranty on Labor
    • 90-Day Warranty on Parts
    • Guaranteed Response Time
    Our technicians are highly trained and have access to thousands of OEM repair parts. We provide a guaranteed response time so you know that we’ll get to your business as soon as possible. We want all of our customers to be successful. That’s why we stay focused on the quality of our work and the level of customer service that we offer.
    Common Walk–in Freezer Repairs
    • Ice Collecting in Commercial Walk–in Freezer
    • Commercial Walk–in Freezer Isn’t Cold Enough

    Also, because of the importance of refrigeration equipment in the restaurant business, we also offer maintenance agreements that are customized to suit the unique needs of our clients. We can design a plan with you that ensures that your equipment is cleaned, tuned and calibrated for optimal performance. For walk-in refrigerators and freezers to continue to work their best, they require periodic inspection, maintenance and replacement of parts before they wear out. Well maintained equipment also means lower utility bills and longer equipment lifespan.

    Customer satisfaction is our goal and that means providing clients with expert, timely and personalized refrigeration services because we want to keep you as a long-time, satisfied customer.

    If your walk-in freezer has not been inspected or received maintenance within the past six months, contact Empire Commercial Services 210-845-5516. We’re the Walk-In Freezer experts and we want to help keep your equipment running optimally, freeing you to concentrate on your business.

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